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With two campuses serving diverse populations in rural and urban Minnesota, the Medical School is dedicated to preeminent primary care medicine, exemplary specialty care and innovative research.

University of Minnesota Medical School

Patient Care

M Physicians is where the clinical faculty of the Medical School practice. M Physicians is proud to partner with health systems across the region to ensure we are fulfilling our mission to provide access to top-tier patient care to all communities in Minnesota. In addition to supplying health systems with our top tier providers, M Physicians owns and operates several primary and specialty care clinics.

A significant clinical relationship with Fairview Health Systems has resulted in the joint clinical partnership called M Health Fairview. As the country’s third largest academic health system, M Health Fairview combines the University’s deep history of clinical innovation and training with Fairview’s extensive roots in community medicine.

University of Minnesota Medical School physicians provide patient care at 10 hospitals
University of Minnesota Medical School physicians provide patient care in 60 clinics
The University of Minnesota Medical School employs over 3,300 patient care providers
University of Minnesota Medical School faculty conduct 1410 clinical trials
University of Minnesota Medical School physicians practice in 100 specialties


Medical Discovery Teams

Medical Discovery Teams model team-based science to advance research and care surrounding critical issues affecting our state

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Research and Clinical Care Firsts:

  • 1955
    First successful open-heart surgery performed with cross circulation
  • 1957
    First wearable, battery-operated pacemaker invented
  • 1966
    First clinical pancreas transplant
  • 1967
    First intestinal transplant
  • 1968
    First successful bone marrow transplant between people who were not identical twins
  • 1968
    First division of medical oncology in a medical school
  • 1975
    First successful use of bone marrow transplant to cure lymphoma
  • 1977
    First successful pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation
  • 1980
    First successful bone-marrow transplantation for metabolic bone disorder osteopetrosis
  • 2007
    First use of bone marrow transplant to treat inherited skin disorder epidermolysis bullosa
  • 2020
    First NK cell therapy trial for acute myelogenous leukemia and multiple myeloma
  • 2022
    First cannulation of a cardiac arrest patient in an ECMO truck

Focus Areas


Our LCME accredited Medical School is committed to the development of outstanding physicians and researchers.

Our Medical School is focused on training empathetic learners who are prepared to address the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. MD students spend a clerkship year in a program of their choosing to prepare them for residency. Our strong relationships with health systems across the state give our learners a variety of locations to train at and diverse patient populations to learn from.


The University of Minnesota Medical School has robust and sustainable funding to support its high-quality medical education program. In FY2022, the U of M Medical School's $1.538 billion in revenue came from these sources.

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