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Dr. Noelle Hoven Thrives on Training Future Radiologists
It wasn’t that long ago that Noelle Hoven, MD, was
a radiology resident herself, so she understands the challenges of completing graduate medical education.
“I am really excited about teaching new cohorts of physicians year after year who are going to go out and affect the lives of other patients they see in a very vulnerable state. I want to train them properly to do that,” Dr. Hoven says.
She is passionate about teaching and mentoring residents, sharing her experience and expertise with them to train the next generation of physicians.
“I can’t think of any job that combines working with new learners—being able to influence and help shape them to go out into the world—and helping patients to have a diagnosis and feel better. It’s the best of both worlds,” Dr. Hoven says.
Dr. Leo Furcht Creates a Legacy Many Aspire to Achieve
Leo Furcht, MD, originally from the East Coast, came to the Medical School in the winter of 1972 to begin his residency. Upon completion, his interest quickly turned to research.
During this time, he received a career development award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). “My focus had been looking at cancer metastasis. Many cancers could be curable if found early enough before they spread,” he explains.
After a successful research career, Dr. Furcht decided that he wanted to make the shift into an administrative role to help improve the entirety of the Medical School. Perhaps most notable of his achievements was the establishment of the MD/PhD program.
“Every day and every month is a continually rewarding circumstance for me in this institution,” he says.

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