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Dr. Ann Van Heest is Devoted to Transforming Future Medical Care
Ann Van Heest, MD, has three pillars to her work: teaching future orthopedic surgeons, treating children with hand and upper extremity disorders, and doing research.
“We’re training future orthopedic surgeons for 2050,” she says.
She believes the orthopedic surgery residency program stands out because it’s the only option in town, unlike programs in other major cities.
“We are trying to impact medical care not just for the patients we provide care for here at the University, but really for the Upper Midwest and for future generations,” she says.
Dr. Kumar Belani Continuously Challenges the Status Quo in Pediatric Anesthesiology
Kumar Belani, MD, is the kind of doctor who sees a gap in medical care and does what it takes to fill that need.
“I like the challenge of change and advancement,” Dr. Belani says. “I started out first with adults, and then I saw there was an opportunity to advance pediatric anesthesia locally, nationally, and globally.”
During 44 years at the Medical School, he has worked at the forefront of innovation and collaboration.
“People here are dedicated,” he adds. “They have an open mind, and they are willing to come forward and help. It makes a lot of difference.”

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