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Dr. Caitlin Caspi Works to Better Our Communities Through Research
Motivated by her initial research with community food access, Caitlin Caspi, ScD, began to take a deeper look into food access as a social determinant of health.
“What I found was that there were very few researchers who were talking about food shelves (called food pantries outside of Minnesota) in relation to food access,” she says. This sparked an interest in building community connections to effectively address these issues.
Creating this conversation was just the start for her— Dr. Caspi will continue to work at solving the issue of community health and food access.
“I’m driven to carry my work outside of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and outside of the Medical School,” she says.
Dr. Christopher Warlick Guides Patients Through the Uncertainty of Cancer
As a urologist who specializes in cancer, Christopher Warlick, MD, PhD, spends significant time with patients who have just been given a life-changing diagnosis.
“It’s a privilege to be able to help people through what can be one of the more challenging times in their life,”
Dr. Warlick says.
He aims to guide them with expertise and compassion through confusion, uncertainty, and many difficult decisions.
“Being able to help people make the best decisions for themselves is something that’s very rewarding. It keeps you motivated and coming back the next day.”

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