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 Last year we celebrated the 130-year history
of the University of Minnesota Medical School, focusing on the past to better understand where we are today.
In 2019, we refocused on the future and asked, “What can we do better?”
Our students said, “keep us safe.”
Academic Workload Task Force revises many aspects of student life to allow more time for self-care and to avoid burnout,―including streamlining curriculum, limiting work weeks, and placing students in groups so they study and share experiences together.
A student needing mental healthcare now has immediate access to free, confidential counseling.
Student-led efforts result in a Medical School- wide focus on climate change, including grants to reduce waste or create compostable alternatives in medical equipment packaging.
Our faculty said, “ensure our wellbeing and clarify expectations.”
A committee reviews all faculty salaries to ensure pay is equal across genders.
Impact Medicine launches to recognize those
From the Dean
who practice medicine with impact and impact medicine through research.
System-wide efforts roll out to identify and share best practices, remove annoyances, and ensure that our physicians can practice medicine in a rewarding way.
Our community said, “listen to us.”
Community leaders advise a focus on our strengths: cancer, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering.
Years of community partnerships and removing artificial barriers to science education result in nearly 20% of the 2023 class of medical students at our Duluth campus being of Native American/ American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage.
The Medical School, our clinical practice University of Minnesota Physicians, and Fairview Health Services partner to create M Health Fairview—allowing us to bring our cutting-edge care to more communities statewide.
2020 is right around the corner with new challenges and continuations of old ones. Please take a moment to learn more about where we’ve been, what we’re doing, and how we’re moving forward.

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