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Dr. Joshua Hou Brings Ophthalmology Research from the Lab to the Clinic
Joshua Hou, MD, wanted a job in medicine where he could treat people’s eye conditions, engage in cutting-edge research, and bring discoveries to the clinic to help patients.
“In addition to the clinical side, I get to be in the lab and make new discoveries, present at research meetings, and interact with other researchers and physicians from around the world,” Dr. Hou says. “That’s incredibly rewarding.”
As a clinician-scientist, he aims to develop new treatments for diseases that don’t have many options.
“The Medical School is the perfect place for me because of how much they support entrepreneurial research and the people who want to get their ideas in the hands of patients, surgeons, and physicians,” Dr. Hou says.
Dr. Marc Jenkins Seeks—and Discovers— Answers about Our World Through Science
Marc Jenkins, PhD, a Regents and Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, taps into his inquisitiveness to make discoveries about our immune system.
“A lot of my research relates to vaccines and why some work and some don’t,” says Dr. Jenkins, who is the director of the Center for Immunology.
Dr. Jenkins also finds meaning in working with enthusiastic, smart students who keep him young. He calls his career too good to be true, thanks to the University’s support in empowering Dr. Jenkins to seek answers to his many questions.
“I’m fortunate that I can follow my ideas as long as I can convince other people in the field that they are good ideas,” he says. “Then, I can chase my dreams.”

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