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  Medical Discovery Teams
Biology of Aging
Optical Imaging & Brain Science
Rural & American Indian Health
State-of-the-art T-suite
Why was a 7.2 ton magnet dangling outside the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center? So it could make surgical history. A first-of-its-kind neurosurgical operating suite will contain this intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging unit. The magnet is mounted to the ceiling, making it accessible from all four rooms. Named T-suite for its shape, the suite will revolutionize the way brain cancers are treated by allowing surgeons to see what is happening in a patient’s brain during surgery.
MRI Technology Innovation
Kamil Ugurbil, PhD, professor in the Departments of Radiology, Neuroscience, and Medicine and Director of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, received the 2019 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology “for pioneering the development and leading the advancement of ultra-high-field MRI technology for biomedical and brain research.”
Dr. Ugurbil and his colleagues led the effort to develop the first whole-body human scanner that functions at 10.5 Tesla and were the first to develop a 7 Tesla magnet that was large enough to accommodate a human. Dr. Ugurbil is also co-principal investigator of the Human Connectome Project.
 The Dean’s Tribute to Excellence in Education honors outstanding faculty for their work in teaching, mentoring, and community involvement. It also recognizes student achievement in scholarship and research.

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